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Screenwriting is not innate. Screenwriting is a learned craft. Screenwriting is one hundred years of conventions and there is little tolerance for variation. Studying the craft is essential.

If it's a valuable resource for screenwriters, then chances are it's on this list. We've gathered the best books, articles, produced screenplays, websites, job boards, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, clubs, classes and high profile contests all into one place.

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Screenwriting Books

The Writer's Journey has become one of the essential texts for screenwriters who want to harness the three act structure.

The Writer's Journey explores how the ancient patterns and wisdom of world myths still have value for writers as a guideline to structure and a source of creative inspiration.

Robert McKee's screenwriting workshops have earned a reputation for inspiring novices, refining works in progress and putting major screenwriting careers back on track. Writers, producers, and agents all flock to his lecture series.

In Story, McKee expands on the concepts he teaches in his $550 seminars.

A real gem on the craft of screenwriting, Syd Field's preeminent book on screenwriting provides easily understood guidelines for writing a screenplay, from concept to finished product.

Field makes the art of film writing accessible to novices and helps practiced writers improve.

As befits more than twenty years in Hollywood, Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman's sparkling memoir is as entertaining as many of the films he has helped to create.

From the writer of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men and Marathon Man.

Crafty Screenwriting not only to offers a successful screenwriter's tricks of the trade, but explains what development executives really mean when they complain that the "dialogue is flat," or "the hero isn't likeable."

Alex Epstein diagnoses problems that other books barely address.

The Horowitz System shows how to turn an idea into the first draft of a screenplay.

In 10 weeks or less, 80 percent of students who follow the method have completed original, well-structured scripts.

Used as a textbook at New York University for over 10 years.

The best seller that's in its twelfth printing! Blake Snyder tells all in this fast, funny and candid look inside the movie business. Save the Cat presents ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying.

An ultimate insider's guide told by a showbiz veteran.

A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. Among its wealth of practical information are sample query letters, useful worksheets and checklists, hundreds of examples, sample scenes, and straightforward explanations of screenwriting fundamentals.

This is six books in one.

If you're writing your first script, this book will help develop your skills for telling a compelling and dramatic story. If you're a veteran screenwriter, this book will articulate the skills you know intuitively. And if you're currently stuck on a rewrite, this book will help you analyze and solve the problems and get your script back "on track."

Websites Worth Frequenting

Zoetrope Virtual Studio offers powerful collaborative tools for writers, directors, and producers.

Web based community providing a platform for undiscovered talent to showcase their work and receive peer feedback and criticism.

Tracking the film and television script sales & deals made in Hollywood each day. Also provides agent, manager & producer contact info, a writers job board, and screenwriting advice.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine ("Best Screenwriting Magazine" -- LA Times) and Sponsor of the Screenwriting Expo.

Screenwriter's resources, chats, script writing articles, online classes, screenplay links, supplies, and screenplay competition.

Finding good screenplays and professional writers is fast and easy on InkTip. Access is free to qualified producers, directors, agents, managers, and name actors.

Movie Script Coverage & Analysis, Screenwriting Competition & Writers Database for Screenwriters.

Screenwriting Articles A perfectly formatted 12 page script about perfect formatting. Many of Syd Field's screenwriting articles, film analyses, and interviews. Michael Hauge discusses structure by presenting "the five key turning points of all successful scripts". Screenwriter and filmmaker Nathan Marshall breaks down the mythic three-act structure. A collection of screenwriting articles for newer screenwriters. A memoir from Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat! presentation. A collection of informative articles and interviews. A useful article on how to format a screenplay. Creative cow's collection of screenwriting articles and interviews. A collection of Screenwriting "how to" articles available on A collection of screenwriting articles and interviews available on An impressive collection of screenwriting articles written by Gordy Hoffman. A collection of screenwriting articles and interviews listed on A collection of screenwriting articles and interviews available on Absolute Write's collection of articles on improving your craft, written by various authors. Collection of screenwriting articles. A collection of articles from The rules of formatting a script. A large collection of screenwriting articles written by ScriptTips Newsletter - articles by various screenwriters. Screenwriting articles provided by lights film school. Story Scribe's collection of articles, by various screenwriters. The six essential habits of highly successful screenwriters. A huge collection of articles on writing from A solid collection of screenwriting resources by various authors. Formatting Tips from the Academy, of all places. Outlines 60 questions every reader should ask while reviewing scripts. A collection of articles from Screenwriting U.

Full Screenplays | | | Regardless of the courses you've taken or the books you've read, it's important to read both produced and unproduced screenplays.

Entertainment Industry Jobs | | | | | Career website's focused on (or with large sections focused on) jobs in the entertainment industry. | | | | | | Corporate Conglomerates constantly hiring. UTA job list available, though you'll have to email them for a free username/password. While you'll have to purchase access, it's worth it as these folks compile a list of incredible industry jobs.

Screenwriting Podcasts A large collection of podcasts by various screenwriters. A collection of screenwriting related podcasts by various providers. Forty four archived podcasts discussing screenwriting. Can't make it to burbank to attend the Dramatica Users Group? Podcasts are offered on their website. Constantly updated podcasts of film reviews. A collection of podcasts by gordy hoffman and others. An awesome collection of podcasts by various screenwriters.

Screenwriting Newsletters Twice-Monthly newsletter that is considered one of the best in the industry. is to empower screenwriters to succeed in the film industry. That means we provide tools to help you accomplish great screenwriting, put together marketing campaigns, and network your way to success. The Final Draft and Script Magazine Newsletters. The Script Pipeline newsletter is a monthly email sent out towards the beginning of each month. It contains recent 'Ask an Expert' Q & As, Script Sales, Competition Updates, Weekend Box Office, and screenwriting and website news. MovieBytes' FREE email newsletter featuring contest deadline reminders, contest news, screenplay marketing opportunities, and much more. Story Notes Newsletter offers a free e-newsletter that explores the art and craft of screenwriting.

Screenwriting Blogs The website of screenwriter John August. Screenwriters submit questions, and he answers them. Screenwriting website for screenwriters dedicated to screenplay writing and screenwriting elements on how to write a screenplay in proper format, classes, and interviews with professional screenwriters and news. Screenwriting news and in-depth analysis from a devoted, yet mysterious, student of the craft. Screenwriting tips, tricks, rants, and observations. Diablo Cody's blog. The Artful Writer is published by Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott and features information, theory and debate for the professional screenwriter. Scriptwriting in the UK. Giving it to you straight. Daily reflections on screenwriting, movies, Hollywood, and the creative life by Screenwriter Scott Myers. The adventures of a professional screenwriter and frequent film festival jurist, slogging through the trenches of Hollywood, writing movies that you have never heard of, and getting no respect. There are no universal and absolute truths in screenwriting. And even that could be wrong. A happy little corner of the screenwriting universe where dedicated Rouge Wavers come to get inspired, motivated and edu-tained! Screenwriting Tricks for Authors. The process of screenwriting.

High Profile Screenplay Contests The Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting is the world's most esteemed screenwriting competition. Each year up to five $30,000 fellowships are awarded to authors who have previously earned less than $5,000 writing for film or television. Acclaimed by screenwriters and industry execs, Page is one of the top screenwriting contest. Presenting over $50000 in Cash and Prizes. $16,000 for first place, with with 50,000 in prices. The $50,000 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays. Sponsored by Final Draft, the Big Break screenwriting contest was designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers. Big Break rewards screenwriters with cash, prizes and A-list executive meetings. $30,000 in cash and prizes. The Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship provides a salaried position for up to one year and offers hands-on experience writing spec scripts and pitching story ideas in both live action and animated television. Created in 1990 in partnership with the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW), the Disney|ABC Television Writing Fellowship is widely recognized as one of the entertainment industry's most coveted writing programs. Fellows become employees of Disney and are paid an annual salary of $50,000. Winner of BlueCat Screenplay Competition awarded $10000 cash prize, finalists $1500. You must be a full time student at a UC school to enter the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards. Credits of previous winners include: The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Sex in the City, Munich, and Harold and Maude. The New York Television Festival has teamed up with the Fox Broadcasting Company and Procter & Gamble Productions (PGP) to offer aspiring TV writers the opportunity to win $25,000, a development deal with Fox, and the possibility to have your script be produced as a network TV pilot! Scriptapalooza Annual Screenwriting Competition. Over 80 producers, managers and agents reading all the screenplays entered. The Grand Prize is $10000. One of the largest screenwriting competitions, this not for profit is dedicated to recognizing the writer's contribution to the motion picture industry. There are 100's of screenwriting contests out there, and lists most of them. Another compilation of the numerous screenwriting contests available.

Screenwriting Software There is a reason that Final Draft is the number one selling screenwriting program in the world. If you don't want to pay for Final Draft, then do yourself a favor and download the free Celtx Screenwriting Software. Free online screenwriting software from Scripped provides screenwriting collaboration to writers around the globe.

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